Reiki Services

  • First Appointment/Full Reiki Session (1.5 hours) $90
  • Full Reiki Session $75
  • Distance Reiki can be sent to you anywhere in the world.  Please email me the name of the person you wish to send Reiki to. An angel reading is also included and I text or email you the information. $60

Reiki services are provided by appointment only.  Please call 908-821-5493 or email for an appointment.

I teach Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 and schedule classes based on interest. Classes range from 2-4 people at most so everyone has personal experience during practice. Please contact me for more information.

Catherine Glastal
66 Elm Street, #12
Westfield, NJ 07090
The main door is between Qdoba and the old Papyrus. Go up the stairs and all the way down to the last office on the left side.
Please give yourself an extra 15 minutes to find parking. 

3 thoughts on “Reiki Services”

  1. Hi Catherine,

    I have repeatedly seen your name in my FB feed, so many people have wonderful things to say about you, I have always been curious about reiki and am very open to alternative healing/therapy. I also noticed you are a Holy Cross alumni, my daughter’s dream college.
    I feel like I am being led to you.
    Do you have evening appointments? I
    would like to schedule an appointment

  2. Hello. I was wondering what an angel reading entails? Also, you mentioned it is included with distance readings. Is it also included with in person sessions? Thank you!

    1. Hi Lynn, thank you for asking. Angel cards are gentle, loving messages from above. I have several card decks I use with various themes such as Mother Mary, Archangel Micheal, Healing with the ArchAngels, or Kuan Yin. I always include at least one card in the distant Reiki sessions. In my in-person readings, I tune in first to see if a card is needed. Please let me know if you have any questions or require additional assistance.

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