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GROW: Grace, Reiki, Oneness & Wisdom

A Unique Class for Moms of Special Needs Children

Mondays: March 7, 14, 21 and April 4, 11 and 18


Facilitators: Catherine Glastal, Reiki Master/Teacher and Maria Runfolo-McCormack, MA, LPC


*NEW ADDITION!*: All participants will be gifted with a beautiful Replenish mug courtesy of the Mugs for Mamas project by Lisa Grace Byrne at Well Grounded Life.  Lisa writes “the Replenish care package is lovingly put together with a hand-thrown beautifully-made Replenish mug, some calming organic tea bags and chocolates, my book, and a note written from my heart”. Thank you Lisa and her team for their generosity!

Both Catherine and Maria have children on the autistic spectrum and other special needs. They “get it”. Their goal is to bring other special needs moms together in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. This group is all about hope and taking care of your inner soul self. You will be introduced to and you will be practicing different techniques such as meditation, journaling, and positive affirmations. We will be discussing mindfulness, life force energy, law of attraction, soul contracts, karma, chakras and past lives. To add to your healing toolbox, you will become certified in Reiki Level 1, an energy healing technique which you can use on yourself and your family.

Specifically, in this class, you will:

Learn about life force energy and vibration
Practice grounding and protection
Write positive affirmations and intentions
Use journaling to practice gratitude and inner questioning
Receive the White Light Reiki I Manual
Learn about chakras and how they relate to health
Practice a full Reiki session
Receive the First Degree Reiki attunement
Become certified in White Light Reiki I*

Prerequisite: In order to truly understand what you will be learning during the Reiki portion of the class, it is highly recommended that you experience a hands-on Reiki session yourself. You may schedule one with Catherine or anyone you wish.

RSVP: This class is strictly limited to 8 people. Please RSVP to Catherine Glastal at CreateAndBlossom@gmail.com

Class Fee: $275

*You must attend all April classes in order to receive certification.

Still on the fence? Read my response to a prospective student’s question as to why parents should learn Reiki.

Still not convinced? Here’s what Medical Intuitive Katie Beecher has to say:

This is a wonderful idea and I love your response. As a medical intuitive, Reiki master and Child and Adolescent Therapist, I endorse this wholeheartedly. Of course Catherine Swanz Glastal and Maria Runfolo are amazing practitioners, teachers and all around great people. We live in a world of instant fixes and commercials telling us that pills and chemicals will fix every ill. Kids especially need to be taught that this doesn’t reflect reality. Reiki is a loving, effective way to show them that slowing down and connecting with your body is essential for physical and emotional health. its a way of bonding with your child and teaching him or her that it is okay to ask for help. Parents need to be reminded of this just as much as kids do. By giving our loved ones the gift of Reiki, we are giving ourselves a gift as well. I hope a lot of people sign up for this fantastic class!


I teach Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2. Please contact me if you are interested in those particular classes because I run the class when there are 2-4 people available. Generally, each level takes 6 hours and runs all in one day.

I also teach classes on energy, law of attraction and meditation. I have hosted book groups and other special events. Keep a look out for my newsletter!

Past classes/events have included:

  • Reiki & Mandala Painting Class (with Leah Acevedo of Let’s Monet & Terri Spencer)
  • Vision Board Class
  • Book Group: Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss
  • Gratitude Journal: Crafting/Discussion
  • Book Group: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • Meditation 101
  • Book Group: Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani
  • Book Group: Angels in My Hair by Lorna Byrne
  • Katie Beecher, Medical Intuitive Visits
  • E2: 9 Experiments Proving Law of Attraction
  • Josie Varga Talks Intuition and Visits from Heaven (Fanwood Wellness Group)
  • Innovative Ways to Maintain Wellness During the Holidays (Fanwood Wellness Group)



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