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For the Highest Good

Before every Reiki session, I connect with my guides and angels and pray that the healing be “for the highest good”.  I love that phrase “for the highest good”.  I had never really understood it before I learned Reiki.

When you ask that things be for the highest good, it allows you to let go of any outcome.   When you know that God/Universe/Spirit has got your back, you are not as disappointed if the result is not what you wanted or expected.

Let me give you an example.  Both my sons play travel baseball and, if you know anything about youth baseball, you know how political and competitive it can be.  Instead of worrying and wringing my hands, I just pray that whatever happens in the game is for the highest good.  If my son is pitching and really not doing well, I pray that the coach will take him out (LOL!) and that his poor performance be for the highest good for all involved.  Maybe there’s something he needs to learn from this situation for his soul growth or maybe the batter needed that hit more than my son needed the strike.  When the score is super close and everyone is on the edge of their seat for a championship game, I pray that the winner of the game be for the highest good.  If the other team wins,  I figure that team needed the win more than we did.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m pretty competitive when it comes to games and sports.  But when you think about “for the highest good”, it takes the edge off.  It’s disappointing to lose and then drive home with your crying kid in the car.  It’s difficult to explain that life is not all about winning.  However, as an adult, I’m really taking “for the highest good” seriously and looking at my life in a whole new light.

From a Reiki perspective, “for the highest good” means that the particular issue for which you sought Reiki, may not be resolved exactly the way you wanted. For example, if you come to me because of strange stomach issues, the Reiki may decide to help heal your unresolved anger deep inside your heart.  Coincidentally, you may find that your stomach pain goes away.

Reiki is intelligent.  It goes where it is most needed.  That is why I do not really need to know what is going on with a client when they come to see me.   I know that the Reiki will work “for the highest good” no matter what the client tells me.

As an aside, please do know that God/Universe/Spirit really does have you covered.  You are deserving of all that is good and the Universe will conspire to make it happen for you if it is part of your soul growth.

The next time you come in for a Reiki appointment, know that your healing will be “for the highest good” because of the greater life plan and soul lessons God/Universe has in store for you.  ❤

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A Personal Angel Story

Three weeks ago, on a beautiful summer evening, my 12 year old son went to play capture-the-flag with all the neighborhood boys.  No sooner had they started the game, my son ran full speed and tripped over a small wall along the driveway.  The boys’ faces when they came to tell me confirmed that the injury was more than just a scrape.

As I arrived on the scene, I could see my son’s bloody face and he was writhing in pain.  My neighbor had already called 911 and was steadily holding my son’s arm with an ice pack — more likely to protect him from seeing his broken bone and puncture wound than to prevent swelling.  When he pulled back the ice pack to show me where the bone had pierced through the skin, I thought I would be sick to my stomach.

I knew immediately that I should be sending Reiki to my son.  I knew that this is what Reiki was all about — no special equipment, no special medical training needed! I could calm him down and medical personnel could do their thing.  Perfect!


On the exterior I was determined to remain calm so that my son could not see my fear.  I instinctively kept touching him to comfort him.  On the inside, my mind was racing and frantic.  The police and EMTs were asking me questions.  Neighbors were offering help.  Some of the boys who saw what happened were crying.  My son was crying, screaming, squirming and asking questions I couldn’t bear to answer.   It was all just too much.

When they opened the ambulance doors to lift my son inside, I tried to fill the ambulance with Reiki by drawing the symbols in my mind.  But, I was simply not calm or centered.  Frustrated, I thought things would be better inside the ambulance with the doors closed and with fewer people watching. However, my son was still in excruciating pain and I was unable to bring my thoughts to Reiki.  Feeling desperate and afraid, with my hands holding on my son’s “good” arm, I lowered my head and begged – BEGGED – ArchAngel Raphael to please come and send his healing.  I couldn’t do it.  I needed extreme help.

After a moment, I looked up and saw 111 on the monitor for my son’s heart rate and blood pressure.  111 is a fantastic angel number!  I knew right then that things would be okay.  Seeing that number at that exact moment brought me the tiny bit of hope that I needed.

Has everything been perfect and blissful since my 111 sighting? Certainly not!  I knew, and still know, that we have a tough road ahead.  The bumps along the way are here for a reason and I have to believe there is a greater learning experience I just don’t understand at the moment.  I still get signs and numbers from above and they have definitely kept me going.

So what are the “take aways” for you from this story?

1) Always ask the angels for help.  Be open to the signs  — repeated numbers, coins, feathers, coincidences that seem too good to be true, or special song lyrics.

2) Reiki works.   I know it does, but I was too attached to the outcome in this case (hello ego!).  When my son was in surgery, I was able to email my Reiki friends and ask for their help and healing.  I had to let go of my “I should do Reiki!” and let others take over.

3) ArchAngel Raphael is the angel of healing.  His color is green.  If you want to send prayers and healing to someone, imagine them basking in green light and ask ArchAngel Raphael for help.

Thanks for listening to my story.  ❤

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Depression and Life-Force-Energy

From a life-force-energy point of view, I find this article fascinating. People describe a heavy feeling as if they are climbing Mt Everest. Guilt, anger, jealousy, anxiety, sadness are all low vibrating energies. People with depression literally have low life force energy and they feel it physically.   Traditional treatments for depression can help, but I would also add Reiki or some form of energy or spiritual healing to the mix so that mental, physical AND spiritual symptoms can be addressed and balanced.

Huffington Post: What Depression Feels Like


Stress–>Despression–>Reiki–>New World View

A fantastic story about what it feels like to go for your first Reiki treatment…and subsequently how learning Reiki can change your views on life itself.   How Julie, the woman described in the story, started taking Reiki classes and made small changes in her life is similar to my own personal experience with Reiki classes and spiritual growth.  Enjoy!

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It’s Not Sleep Deprivation Afterall

I have been wanting to write this post for a long time.  It seems that every time I Reiki a client, they fall asleep.  It does not matter what time of day it is or even if the client is new, a little nervous, and reluctant to close their eyes.  At first I thought that there must be a huge percentage of people with sleep deprivation.   Countless studies have shown that stress and our TV and internet use has played a huge role in depriving us of our needed zzz’s.  It would be perfectly understandable if people fell asleep on the table.

However, despite all the facts, I have come to the conclusion that Reiki is what is sending my clients into another zone, whether it be sleep or some other level of consciousness.  I do have certain clients who go into deep meditative states or into what can only be described as an out of body experience.  Given the amount of people who drift off (100%), given that it can happen at any time during the day (even 9 o’clock in the morning), given that the room can be full of sunlight or dark as night, and given that even stress-filled clients who have trouble calming down can go into a relaxing state of consciousness,  I can only conclude that Reiki is at work here and not sleep deprivation.

This is what I love about Reiki.  It’s an intelligent, soothing, calming, relaxing energy.  It goes to work immediately.  It even works for people who walk in telling me that they are never relaxed.  Unlike massage (which I adore by the way and I’m not knocking massage here!), a Reiki practitioner is not manipulating the physical body in any way. We are working on the energy of the body.  In this respect, Reiki allows a person to relax into a deeper state of consciousness because they are not awakened by the massaging of muscles and the pushing/pulling of limbs.

So if you are feeling maxed out, stressed to the limit, hyped up, unable to calm down, having trouble sleeping, wanting to press pause on your life, come in for a Reiki session.  I can guarantee you will relax.

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I have added this badge to my Reiki page thanks to Pamela Miles of  I’m not sure if many people know that you can Reiki yourself.  You can send Reiki to yourself immediately after being attuned to the very first level of Reiki.  What a gift and a life changing experience!  It’s empowering to be able to help yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally with a natural, loving, healing energy that has no side effects.

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Reiki as Preventative Medicine

Angie Webster at Reiki Rays has written a short and sweet article about using Reiki on a regular basis as preventative medicine.

“By regularly rebalancing the system, we prevent or prolong the onset of disease. And keeping a more peaceful state of mind may actually help to prevent injury by reducing tense muscles. Working more effectively with difficult situations lessens mental and emotional strain, as well as the physical problems associated with them.

Many illnesses are shown to be caused or contributed to by high stress levels. According the WebMD website, stress has been shown to worsen or increase risks with obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, asthma, gastrointestinal disorders, and depression. It contributes to headaches, aging and even premature death.

Stress builds up in most everyone’s life as we go through our daily activities. Many people are overworked. Society promotes staying busy all the time and little value is put into rest and stillness. Without regularly releasing this in a healthy manner and creating new balance, we damage our bodies from the energetic level down to the physical level.”

You can read the entire article here.