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A Personal Angel Story

Three weeks ago, on a beautiful summer evening, my 12 year old son went to play capture-the-flag with all the neighborhood boys.  No sooner had they started the game, my son ran full speed and tripped over a small wall along the driveway.  The boys’ faces when they came to tell me confirmed that the injury was more than just a scrape.

As I arrived on the scene, I could see my son’s bloody face and he was writhing in pain.  My neighbor had already called 911 and was steadily holding my son’s arm with an ice pack — more likely to protect him from seeing his broken bone and puncture wound than to prevent swelling.  When he pulled back the ice pack to show me where the bone had pierced through the skin, I thought I would be sick to my stomach.

I knew immediately that I should be sending Reiki to my son.  I knew that this is what Reiki was all about — no special equipment, no special medical training needed! I could calm him down and medical personnel could do their thing.  Perfect!


On the exterior I was determined to remain calm so that my son could not see my fear.  I instinctively kept touching him to comfort him.  On the inside, my mind was racing and frantic.  The police and EMTs were asking me questions.  Neighbors were offering help.  Some of the boys who saw what happened were crying.  My son was crying, screaming, squirming and asking questions I couldn’t bear to answer.   It was all just too much.

When they opened the ambulance doors to lift my son inside, I tried to fill the ambulance with Reiki by drawing the symbols in my mind.  But, I was simply not calm or centered.  Frustrated, I thought things would be better inside the ambulance with the doors closed and with fewer people watching. However, my son was still in excruciating pain and I was unable to bring my thoughts to Reiki.  Feeling desperate and afraid, with my hands holding on my son’s “good” arm, I lowered my head and begged – BEGGED – ArchAngel Raphael to please come and send his healing.  I couldn’t do it.  I needed extreme help.

After a moment, I looked up and saw 111 on the monitor for my son’s heart rate and blood pressure.  111 is a fantastic angel number!  I knew right then that things would be okay.  Seeing that number at that exact moment brought me the tiny bit of hope that I needed.

Has everything been perfect and blissful since my 111 sighting? Certainly not!  I knew, and still know, that we have a tough road ahead.  The bumps along the way are here for a reason and I have to believe there is a greater learning experience I just don’t understand at the moment.  I still get signs and numbers from above and they have definitely kept me going.

So what are the “take aways” for you from this story?

1) Always ask the angels for help.  Be open to the signs  — repeated numbers, coins, feathers, coincidences that seem too good to be true, or special song lyrics.

2) Reiki works.   I know it does, but I was too attached to the outcome in this case (hello ego!).  When my son was in surgery, I was able to email my Reiki friends and ask for their help and healing.  I had to let go of my “I should do Reiki!” and let others take over.

3) ArchAngel Raphael is the angel of healing.  His color is green.  If you want to send prayers and healing to someone, imagine them basking in green light and ask ArchAngel Raphael for help.

Thanks for listening to my story.  ❤

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Asking for Directions

This morning, Elvis Duran (100.3FM NYC) was promoting ABC News anchor Dan Harris’s new book.  I had to laugh because Elvis said he really had no interest in Harris, a white, suit-wearing, straight guy.  What did he have to say in a book?  I felt the same way.  Really?  What’s so interesting about this Harris guy that he’s already writing his autobiography.  After listening a few more minutes, it turns out I may have to buy Harris’s book 10% Happier after all.

The short story is this: Harris was a hard hitting war reporter.  When he returned from a particularly rough time in Baghdad, he fell into a deep depression and started using cocaine and ecstasy to self-medicate.  In 2004, he had a panic attack live on Good Morning America.   Now here’s the part that really got to me.   In Harris’ own words:

“At around the same time, I was assigned to do a series on religion for ABC that sent me into a journey of self-help. This eventually led to Buddhism and meditation and a series of brain exercises that changed my life, and, as the title of the book says, made me 10 percent happier.”

Let me repeat what I feel is the most important part of what he has to say (in capital letters for big emphasis) AT AROUND THE SAME TIME, I WAS ASSIGNED TO DO A SERIES ON RELIGION.  That, my friends, is no coincidence.  This man, a “lifelong nonbeliever”, wasn’t just guided to find help; he was pushed there!  He probably didn’t know it then and he probably isn’t admitting it now, but he has guardian angels.  Harris was able to get help for himself because God (or whatever higher power you choose to insert here) was watching over him and set him in a different direction.  Harris did the work.  He had to say yes to the assignment and did whatever was required of him.  And to his credit, he is still here 10 years later promoting meditation as a way of taming our egotistical, logical mind.

Please know that you don’t need a major breakdown on national television in order for God or his angels to step in and help you.  What you can do is ask for help from above, KNOW in your heart that you DESERVE divine assistance, and then be open to the signs all around you, especially coincidences.  Tune in and follow your gut instincts.  You are always on the right path in life, but sometimes the direction signs just need to be a little bit more clear.  Don’t be afraid to ask for directions.