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For the Highest Good

Before every Reiki session, I connect with my guides and angels and pray that the healing be “for the highest good”.  I love that phrase “for the highest good”.  I had never really understood it before I learned Reiki.

When you ask that things be for the highest good, it allows you to let go of any outcome.   When you know that God/Universe/Spirit has got your back, you are not as disappointed if the result is not what you wanted or expected.

Let me give you an example.  Both my sons play travel baseball and, if you know anything about youth baseball, you know how political and competitive it can be.  Instead of worrying and wringing my hands, I just pray that whatever happens in the game is for the highest good.  If my son is pitching and really not doing well, I pray that the coach will take him out (LOL!) and that his poor performance be for the highest good for all involved.  Maybe there’s something he needs to learn from this situation for his soul growth or maybe the batter needed that hit more than my son needed the strike.  When the score is super close and everyone is on the edge of their seat for a championship game, I pray that the winner of the game be for the highest good.  If the other team wins,  I figure that team needed the win more than we did.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m pretty competitive when it comes to games and sports.  But when you think about “for the highest good”, it takes the edge off.  It’s disappointing to lose and then drive home with your crying kid in the car.  It’s difficult to explain that life is not all about winning.  However, as an adult, I’m really taking “for the highest good” seriously and looking at my life in a whole new light.

From a Reiki perspective, “for the highest good” means that the particular issue for which you sought Reiki, may not be resolved exactly the way you wanted. For example, if you come to me because of strange stomach issues, the Reiki may decide to help heal your unresolved anger deep inside your heart.  Coincidentally, you may find that your stomach pain goes away.

Reiki is intelligent.  It goes where it is most needed.  That is why I do not really need to know what is going on with a client when they come to see me.   I know that the Reiki will work “for the highest good” no matter what the client tells me.

As an aside, please do know that God/Universe/Spirit really does have you covered.  You are deserving of all that is good and the Universe will conspire to make it happen for you if it is part of your soul growth.

The next time you come in for a Reiki appointment, know that your healing will be “for the highest good” because of the greater life plan and soul lessons God/Universe has in store for you.  ❤

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